After a rich and colourful life Peter Chappell left the body on December 26. He was 82 years old. Boxing Day signifies giving to those in need. Many that truly came to understand the magnitude and impact of Peter’s gift to the world have called it worthy of a Nobel Prize.




Our (Corrie and Harry) acquaintance with Peter stems from a long time ago. In his characteristic, quick, slightly erratic and nevertheless inspiring way we would meet him at seminars and conferences. Inspiring because of his enthusiasm and love for the profession and impressive because of the amazing work he had done by spreading homeopathy to many countries – especially places where help was needed most.

A most striking aspect of Peter was his uncompromising and future oriented perspective on things. Nothing was too crazy, nothing impossible and if one could imagine it, surely it could be done. There are not that many people that possess a quality where the free-floating mind is not something to fear, but something to encourage and to embrace. That this quality can also lead one into trouble is not hard to imagine. How often were we not stopped, or allowed ourselves to be stopped or even ridiculed, when we dared to think big?

Peter was an original thinker, also when that led to disbelief, controversies or simply opposition. One cannot expect to always be understood if the mind can float to larger spaces. That this misunderstanding is also sometimes painful on an emotional level, is perhaps a natural consequence. As with all intentional, creative and impressive men and women, they’ll remain human after all. But what a trail they leave behind for us to follow!


Peter's gift to the world


Driven by an inspiration to see whether homeopathy had anything to offer to the millions of Africans suffering and dying from HIV/AIDS, Peter Chappell landed in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in 2001.
He started taking cases, one by one in the classical way, and saw good results. But with some 28 million infected people in sub-Saharan African and hardly any homeopaths available to treat them, he realized a different approach was needed. By taking all cases together as if for one person (Hahnemann’s Genus epidemicus principle)
Peter searched for one remedy that would cover the symptom totality of HIV/AIDS in Africa. That one single remedy didn’t appear to exist (yet).
Peter, being a 
genuine maverick, knew that asking the right question is the way to finding the right answer. Besides that, he was deeply aware that consciousness is the fabric of life underlying all of creation. So, in another moment of inspiration he found a way of creating the very remedy he needed. Not from any material source, but directly from the very Source of life, which is pure awareness.

In 2002 Peter published a first article on the results with this remedy he had called PC1 in Homoeopathic Links, of which we were the editors. A year later, Malcolm Smith presented a most impressive case of PC1 at a conference. A suicidal, depressed HIV+ patient experienced a deep transformation after taking the remedy. From being unable to imagine anyone could ever love him, he now was overflowing with love for everything and everyone. This case made clear that PC1 not only treats the symptoms, but goes to the very root of the epidemic. When there is a lack of respect, care and love for self and for the other, HIV has a chance to spread.
The book
 ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’ by Peter and Harry gives you the full story about AIDS and many other conditions. Essential to the PC Remedies as provided by Source, is that they cover the totality of a disease, including its evolutionary role and purpose within the collective.


Founding of ARHF

In 2004, we (Corrie and Harry) went to Malawi and witnessed the amazingly consistent results. We published them and in 2007, together with Peter, founded the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation. While with ARHF we worked at training a network of volunteers in Africa, Peter focused on making PC available to the West and on developing a way of reliably using them in our highly individualized society.
In the meantime Peter kept feeding ARHF with new advances in a beautiful way:

  • many other PC Remedies were created for conditions prevalent in Africa.
  • applying the genus epidemicus approach to collective trauma led to the creation of many very effective trauma remedies.
  • using sound instead of water as carrier of healing information was another big step, as it greatly simplifies logistics.
  • creating LEAP (Learning Enhancement Africa Program) that covers all major infectious diseases and forms of trauma and on top of that enhances learning skills was literally another big leap forward.

Realizing that that which cures can also be used for prevention inspired the Africa Malaria Prevention Project (AMPP), which has become the main focus of some 600 volunteers spread over a dozen African countries.


Testimonies of results

Without having personally witnessed the effects in Africa, it is hard to realize the huge impact PC remedies, LEAP and AMPP have on the lives of millions of people. Indeed millions, for in 2023 alone about 1 million children and adults received malaria prevention or were treated for their diseases or inflicted traumas.

Let us give you an impression of how Peter’s gift to humanity, and to Africa in particular, influences so many lives:

  • Mary had seen her husband die from HIV/AIDS. Like him, now she too was losing a lot of weight, had no appetite, had headache, pain in her joints and started coughing. She was no longer able to take care of her children and didn’t want them to become orphans. So she ignored the taboo, went for a test and was found HIV+. She received PC1, and within just a few weeks she became totally symptom free and able to work. Today, she is still in good health.
  • Faith was raped and mutilated by rebels in front of her children. They burned her hut down with her husband inside. Stigmatised she was chased away from the village. She survived with her children in the city of Bukavu by carrying heavy loads. After receiving PC remedies for her traumas, her fears, nightmares and flashbacks stopped and she said, “I am no longer a slave of the past.” “Life is still hard, but I’m well.”
  • Gloria was about to have her uterus removed. Because she had gonorrhoea in the past, the PC gonorrhoea was given to her. A few days later she reported, “A lot of dirt came out of the vagina. After that the bleeding stopped.” In the hospital the doctor confirmed the uterus looked normal now and the operation was cancelled.
  • Masamba was 73 years old and suffering from tuberculosis. Taking antibiotics for 8 months brought no cure. He took PC tuberculosis and reported a week later, “Shortly after the first dose I coughed up a lot of blood, worse than ever. After that the cough started to subside. Now I no longer cough.” Months later he was still okay.
  • Joanne was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. Shortly after birth she started to have monthly crises with excruciating pains. Each time she was hospitalised for blood transfusion and painkillers. Can you imagine how helpless her parents felt seeing their little girl suffer so much? There was no cure, nothing they could do. In 2013 she was 8 years old when she received PC sickle cell anaemia. Since then the crises never returned, not even a single time. Her haemoglobin levels remain normal.
  • Sokoro is headmaster of a primary school. Because of malaria, his school had an average absenteeism rate of 23%. Every day he had to send children to hospital. As children were missing out on many lessons, school performance was so low that not a single child was allowed to go to secondary school. Some 6 months after AMPP was introduced, the hospital director asked him why he no longer referred children for treatment. Sokoro replied it was no longer needed. The children were healthy. And if a child started to fall ill, he would give it an extra dose and let it sit in the shade of a tree. Soon enough the child would enter class again, feeling totally well. Absenteeism dropped dramatically. And school performance increased so much, that pupils from form 8 were now admitted to secondary school.

We could easily give many more examples of how Peter’s legacy has relieved so much suffering in Africa. Thousands of lives have been saved, millions of lives changed. The title of a documentary on his legacy summarises Peter’s contribution to Africa very well: A Story of Hope & Love – An Answer to Malaria, AIDS and Trauma in AfricaIf you haven’t watched it yet, here is a link.


Malaria prevention at schools for 10 cents per child per year. Hundreds of schools use AMPP (oral) or LEAP (audio)


Outreaches to serve remote places happen all over Africa (photo: team in Nigeria)


Providing health and a bright future for Africa's children


Thank you Peter

On behalf of Africa, of all those that have benefitted and will benefit from Peter’s remedies, of the network of many volunteers and teams active all over Africa, and on behalf of our team of volunteers at ARHF and of its board, we express our love and gratitude to Peter.

Beloved Peter, may you be deeply immersed in the peace and love of your Source. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our deepest condolences to Peter’s family and friends. May his legacy live on in your hearts.

Corrie Hiwat & Harry van der Zee

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